Which 3D Modeling Software Program Is Best for Young Kids

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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Today it seems many children learn to manipulate a mouse before they can firmly hold a crayon. That is due to the increasing emphasis society has placed on the role of the computer. With some estimates as high as 90% of American households owning a computer and over half with internet access, the computer is becoming a multi-use tool that families cannot do without.
For children, there is an increasing need to develop the skills brought on by the computer that will give them every chance of success in school and beyond. Many software developers have targeted this market and developed educational, highly interactive and amazing 3D animation software packages that can be easily manipulated by users as young as three.
Due to the increased focus on the young market, there have been a large number of programs developed. Many will have even the youngest learn basic computer skills such as manipulation of the mouse and following simple directions. For those that will have your young one learning the basic skills with minimal fuss, look for products which are supported by the foundations that support educational commitment. Of the many products out there- a couple which are great for interaction and an overall educational experience, 3D Creation Station and Kid Pix 3D are wonderful products.
Fox Kids Presents 3D Creation Station by eGame $3.22
Children as young as three can create their own virtual worlds with this product. With its ability to upload to the internet, older children can share their creations with family and friends. With 3D Creation Station, children can construct their own 3D scenes drawing from a library of shapes, characters and objects. You start by choosing from one of five "locations": lunar, farm, medieval, town and old west as a backdrop. Then add objects such as buildings, people, animals. You can save your creation and upload to the internet to share with family and friends. My son is now nine and still loves this program.
This is definitely one of the most child friendly programs- it's drag and drop interface allows for easy manipulation - unleashing creativity while developing basic computer skills.Product Features:5 Different World Themes to select from as backdropBuilt-in Textures, Colors and Shapes to build your villageBuilt-in CharactersBuilt In ModelsUpload creations to the internet to share with family and friendsEasy To Use

Kid Pix 3D

Winner of the Parent's Choice Silver Award and the Editor's Choice Award from Children's Technology. Kid Pix has been around for just about as long as software for kids has and has been used in classrooms since the 90's. This recent improvement brings 3D imagery.
The program makes it easy to experiment with colors, paints, markers and watercolors, along with a full library of animated stickers. It is also easy to narrate your creations using the built in microphone or import your own images using the computer's built in camera or photo library. Music can be imported from your iTunes playlist and backgrounds brought in from your iPhoto album.
The recent 3D upgrade includes paint tools which have lighting effects to look as though paint has been smeared or squeezed right out of the tube. There are now 3D backgrounds with 3D characters and animations, including insects, space, transportation and sports to put in the scenes. Animated compositions can be saved and viewable with the provided 3D glasses.
Product Features:Dozens of multi-layered 3D backgrounds100 video backgroundsEasy animation tools let your 3D characters move and interact

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